Luis Suarez Appeal Turned Down

It was inevitable that Barcelona and Suarez would appeal against his ban, but any such claim was always going to be rejected as FIFA have a reputation to hold up

FIFA maintained their image as definitely not being a soft touch when it comes to bans, and in this instance who can blame them. The media attention surrounding Suarez’s biting habits was so polarized that any reduction in the length of his ban would have meant FIFA would have to admit that they are going soft.

Although Suarez and Barcelona did make some process as the bans on any football activity that included no promotional activities, training, or administrative activities were all lifted.

As a Liverpool fan, you have to secretly happy about the decision because after all a successful appeal would have been even more of a downer than learning that Suarez was being sold in the first place despite the £75 million price tag.

Although an argument in defence of our once beloved Suarez could have been that the Uruguayan has already suffered enough from this ban due to his country’s exit from the World Cup largely down to the fact that the threat of the world’s most feared goal machine was not present.

The appeal was heard at the CAS headquarters, which is located in Lausanne in Switzerland. However, the biting of Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini was not to be forgiven.

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