Skrtel Deal Back To Square One As Both Parties Fail To Make A Compromise

Liverpool have been known to lose quite a few star players in recent times… … either through monumental interest from other teams or because of their own fallacies during the negotiation process. Keeping their recent track record in mind, it won’t be surprising if we were to come across another occasion where we were to lose another one of our better known players. Martin Skrtel appears to be the man who may be on his way out thanks to some brilliant negotiation from our management. The Slovakian defender recently declared that he had rejected an offer of extension from the club because he found the terms “unacceptable”.

In a recent development regarding the issue, media reports suggested that Skrtel had finally ┬ádecided to break the impasse by agreeing to an improved deal only a few days ago, but that appears to be a load of manure because our player has himself come forward once again to deny any reports claiming that he has signed an extension with the Reds. ┬áThe reports came to light from a Facebook page which was believed to be the official page for Skrtel, but later it came to be seen that it was in fact, not the player’s official Facebook page, but a rip off. Skrtel cleared all the doubts in an interview where he said, “I have my own profile on Facebook. I use it for communication with my fans and I operate it through the agency Stars and Friends. I strongly disavow the profile on which the false information was published.

I have not created the profile and I do not have a clue who the administrator is.” This piece of information has put the Skrtel saga back to square one, and that is one place where we Liverpool fans would not want to be. The 30 year old is arguably the best defender at our club and he has been attracting interest from numerous other clubs from all over Europe. Inter Milan were believed to be waiting in the wings for our number 37 but they may have turned their attentions to Atletico Madrid’s Miranda.

Even without any other club making a concrete move for Skrtel, he is one man who I would like tied down at Anfield for a long time. The Slovak has just one year left on his current deal with the Reds and it goes without saying that he will be swooped up on a Bosman as soon as he becomes free to sign for another club in the January of the coming year. Our defence has been a real problem for us last season as we conceded a massive 48 goals from 38 matches. This should be a transfer window where stability should be added to the team, but no. Here we are offering substandard deals to some of our top players. As far as the Skrtel deal is concerned, we should be hoping that both parties can put aside their differences and agree on a deal because this is one player that we really do need.


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