The future looks bright: Bournemouth away

Life has been hard to get through for the last few months if you are fortunate enough to have dedicated your life to the Red of Liverpool. There have been very few moments in these last six months or so where we have been able to bask in the glory of the moment. What makes these months of sorrow harder to endure is the brilliance of last season.

The Reds have failed to recreate the stupendous form they had going during the final stretch of the last season and this failure has led to a failure on the pitch. The other unfortunate thing is that our players had not been able to offer their fans any hope that they may just be about to go back to the good old days of the past campaign, until this Wednesday.

Wednesday could just turn out to be a watershed day in the course of this season, and the reasons for it being so are very simple indeed. Not in a long, long time has Liverpool Football Club been able to produce a performance like the one they put in against A.F.C. Bournemouth in the Quarter Finals of the Capital One Cup. The first half was especially better as the ball looked to be glued to the feet of the Red men who were ironically dressed in yellow on the night. Liverpool’s opener, which was also Raheem Sterling’s first goal in god knows how many years is without a doubt one of the finest goals that I have ever seen in my 12 years as a football fan.

Team goals are always easy on the eye, but in this case, this awesome 51 pass goal was easy on all my other sense organs as well! I would have fallen in love with the goal had it been any random football team, but the fact that this singular piece of art was the product of my idols makes it even more sweeter for me and all my fellow Kopites. The second goal was well crafted too, and it was surprising to see young Lazar Markovic convert what was certainly not the most straight forward opportunity in the world. There were numerous phases during the first half where Bournemouth were just chasing shadows and getting none of the football because the Reds were just so proficient in knocking it about, and it was during these phases that we truly saw the old Liverpool back.

Sport, like life itself is all about cycles and it was almost certain that we would not be able to recreate the brilliance of our previous campaign anytime soon, especially after having to do without the services of some of our finest performers of last season. This campaign has not gotten off to a good start and I, like any other Liverpool fan, am feeling distressed at the lack of quality that we have shown so far. Over the last few games though, there have been some signs of improvement that have been increasing steadily with every match. Our loss to United last Sunday is not at all as bad as the final score makes it sound as we were actually the better team.

The next game against Bournemouth was another step ahead as we added clinical finishing to our game and managed to maneuver¬† past what was billed to be another big banana peel. The future does indeed look promising for the Reds once again, and I would be a bit apprehensive about Sunday’s game at Anfield if I were a Gunner, and so for the time being, I’m just glad that I’m not.


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