After wasting a fortune and a year, it’s time we sent #RodgersOut

Brendan Rodgers earned himself a special position in the hearts of all Liverpool fans when he took the team to within two points of the Premier League title last year. 101 goals and 84 points are usually enough to secure the title, but in a season of epic twists and turns, Liverpool once again had to endure another season without league glory. If  last season lifted Rodgers onto an elevated pedestal and gave him a new status as a demigod, then this season surely saw him hit the ground face first as he was brought back down to Earth after what was a most miserable and unfortunate Premier League campaign.

Before I begin blaming Rodgers for anything, I would like to state what expectations I had from my team this season. I never expected Liverpool to reach the dizzy heights of last year. With Luis Suarez gone and Daniel Sturridge out for almost the entire season, not a single Liverpool fan would have expected a title challenge from their boys this year. But that does not mean that they would have expected a sixth place finish with just 62 points on the board.

I also never expected to see Luis Suarez at the club for another season, but that does not mean that I would have expected Brendan Rodgers to waste more than 100 million pounds on footballers who would end up making no contribution for the club. Yes, we have had a tough time this season with injuries and star players leaving, but what everyone has to admit is that we only made it tougher for ourselves. Who in their right mind would have spent 16 million pounds on Mario Balotelli and 25 million pounds for Adam Lallana?

In all, the 100 million pounds or more that Rodgers has splashed on new signings have all gone to waste. 10 million pound defender Emre Can heads an opponent’s cross towards his own goal while 25 million pound defender Dejan Lovren has made too many errors to list in his first season at Anfield.

Our season was over even before it began and all I have to say now is that Brendan Rodgers and whatever Transfer Committee FSG have in place has to come forward and accept the blame. The season that we were having up until our loss at the hands of United at Anfield  was decent to be honest. We were there hovering around the last Champions League spot and with a bit more luck we could have made it in as well. But the way the campaign panned out after mid-March has been totally disgraceful.

And it all boiled down to two thrashings from our last two games of the season at the hands of lesser opposition. After all this, the question is pretty simple. Does Brendan Rodgers deserve any more time at this club than he has already got? I think that the answer is a firm no and with the kind of managers available on the market right now, the Northern Irishman just simply has to go.


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