Balotelli: a major disappointment who needs to go after blowing Reds chance

I’ve always lived my life believing in one simple philosophy. Never judge a book by its cover is what I’ve learnt over the years, and I always try to use this idea in every single aspect of my life. People are not what they appear to be, and I always like to give them a chance to show their true colours before I jump to too many conclusions. Mario Balotelli was one such individual who always got the benefit of my doubts.

Watching the lad from afar, I always got the idea that he was a good guy in general and that the media was always blowing anything and everything he did put of proportion. After seeing him at my very own Liverpool Football Club for a year now, I’ll say that I was indeed correct with both the conjectures that I had drawn.

However, from what I can understand, I feel that the guy is genuinely a slacker. Yes, before you point it out, I will have to say that whatever presumptions I’m making about him come from seeing him play for my favourite team and from news reports. I of course, do not know him on  a personal basis so I cannot guarantee anything. At the same time though, I feel that seeing a person in her or his workplace gives us a fantastic idea about them as a person.

After seeing Balotelli play for us, which is of course, what he does for a living, I can fairly assume that he is not a person whom I could come to like. Work is worship goes an old adage, and  come on, he’s getting a chance to do what he loves to for a living!

How many people grow up wanting to be data analysts? Not too many, and those are the kind of people who can complain about not enjoying work. Balotelli though is a disgrace. When the Italian forward joined our club, he gave Brendan Rodgers his word that he would fight for the Liverpool cause. He promised that he would mend his ways and work hard and not do anything stupid. Both these promises have backfired because he did not work hard to give himself one final chance to resurrect his career, and that was an extremely stupid thing to do.

News reports from earlier on in the week suggested that Balotelli has been ostracized from the rest of the Liverpool squad and made to train alone, and I feel it was about time he got that treatment. When he signed for us last year, I was one of those hopeful individuals who actually believed that he could go on to not be a flop. I repeat, I did not think that he would be a 16 million bargain, but I was generally very upbeat to see him sign for us.

I expected much more from him and a year on from then, I will have to say that I have been left very disappointed. He may be a good lad at heart, but someone who doesn’t give a hundred percent on his job, which in this case is something as awesome as being a footballer, cannot deserve my respect and I hope that Balotelli leaves our club pronto.


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