Brendan Rodgers deserves a lot of credit for the way he has turned things around at Anfield after an unflattering start to the season

A few months ago, I wrote an article for this site stating how poor a season we Reds had been having.

It was probably published sometime in December and I clearly remember that I had slated Brendan Rodgers after we found ourselves mired in a poor string of results. Back then, we were languishing in mid-table in the Premier League and had just been dumped out of the UEFA Champions League at the first hurdle. Both of these feats were something that you wouldn’t expect from a club the size of Liverpool. I had every right to be angry then, but if I could give Brendan Rodgers a lashing for doing badly, then I need to make sure that I give him credit when he deserves it and if there ever was a time when he deserved credit, then it is now.

Obviously yesterday wasn’t great and what happened with Steven Gerrard was a poor decision on his part but Man United had a very good day and we for some reason were slightly off the pace.

The kind of football that our beloved Reds are playing right now is just exceptional and the results that we have been getting surely do our performances justice. Liverpool may be occupying fifth place in the Premier League table, but when you see the League’s Form Table, you will see a very different story altogether. Rodgers’ boys have the best form in the League right now after notching up 16 points from their last six games up to Sunday’s match. And before we start jumping around in joy, we need to thank one man for making this possible, and that man is of course Brendan Rodgers.

The manner in which the Northern Irishman has turned things around at Anfield is truly remarkable. The Liverpool that we saw before Boxing Day and the one we are seeing now are not even on the same page in terms of quality. Once again, the way in which our boss managed to make exactly the same set of players play so many times better than they used to just a few months ago is awe inspiring. Who would have thought that changing the formation from 4-3-3 to 3-4-3  could have changed so much? Especially when the 3-4-3 let us down so badly the first few times we tried it.

We all remember the 1-0 loss to Newcastle United at St. James’ Park and the 3-0 reversal against Manchester United at Old Trafford. Exactly how can the same formation that got beaten so convincingly on both these occasions transform into the all devouring juggernaut that eats up everything in its path? Only Rodgers will know. In my opinion, he has got be the best British manager at the moment and the kind of things he has done with limited resources at Liverpool are praiseworthy indeed. Yes, the start of the season may not have gone according to plan for the former Swansea boss but what we need to remember is that setbacks are a part and parcel of life and what is important is how long it takes for one to recover from these setbacks, and in this case, the answer is not too long.

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