Brendan Rodgers: Under Pressure

As last season drew to a close and we Liverpool fans only started to realize the bitter taste that was left in our mouths after we saw that we were beaten to the Premier League title by a determined Manchester City, a large section of us fans said that finishing second the season after finishing seventh should be considered as an achievement rather than a tragedy. And one of the main reasons they used to call it an achievement was the guaranteed return to the Champions League after a five year absence. Before I say anymore, I want to declare that I am not intending to pick a fight with all those Reds who used the above as an argument. I appreciate their view on the matter and was in fact won over by them and used their point to get over the disappointment of losing out in the race for the Premier League.

What I would like to say however is this, Liverpool Football Club’s first Champions League campaign in five years was not supposed to end this way. The manner in which we represented ourselves in front of the whole continent was humiliating to say the least. A meagre haul of just five points from six matches is hugely disappointing in itself, but when you go on to consider the fact that Liverpool along with Roma and Ajax have the least number of points of all the third placed teams in this season’s Champions League, you truly get to comprehend exactly how bad we have been.

The feeling that hangs around Anfield right now is not just disappointment but also anger and frustration. And the person caught in the middle of this storm is Brendan Rodgers. He was the guy who made us into the ruthless machine we were last season, and he is the guy who has made us into an insipid team that has mediocrity written all over it. Honestly speaking, Rodgers would not have been under so much pressure had our poor performances only been limited to Europe. That is not at all the case as we very well know, and it is becoming very hard for the Northern Irishman to keep the fans happy as they see their beloved club suffer not just in Europe but in England as well. There is still an air of regret regarding the whole Luis Suarez affair and many people still do feel that the club did not do enough to hold on to their star man. Rodgers performance in the transfer window has been even more disappointing and it is almost decided that he has in fact wasted around 100 million pounds in transfer funds on signing average players who are not pulling their weight.

The above factors coupled with Liverpool’s poor form in the Premier League and the recent elimination from the Champions League all adds up and heaps the pressure squarely on the shoulders of Rodgers and it will be very interesting to see how he deals with it. Only time will be able to tell whether or not he can get himself out of this mess, but it is also time, in a very ironic twist of fate that is the last thing he has as on his side as we approach the half way point of the season which already looks to be irrecoverable. Can this adjective also be used to describe Brendan Rodgers’ Liverpool career? We’ll soon find out.

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