End of era at Anfield as Steven Gerrard decides to call time on his Liverpool career

The events that unfolded at Liverpool Football Club over the last week has left the entire world of football in a state of shock, to say the very least. The news of Steven Gerrard, finally choosing to bring his Liverpool career to an end was always a matter of when and not if. But the manner in which he ultimately brought his time at Anfield to a close was absolutely unexpected. I think that this bit of information is the biggest player related news to come out of Anfield since Michael Owen made the move over to Real Madrid back in 2004. Nothing is for certain in this world where the only constant is change itself, so the mature ones amongst us Liverpool fans will be telling us to harden our hearts and move on with tons of brilliant memories from a 17 year long love story that was finally brought to an end.

Another thing that I would like to address was the sense of despair that hit myself and god knows how many other Liverpool fans from how many other countries when we first got to know of our captain’s imminent departure. Initially, it was more unbelievable than anything.

The truth took a lot of time to sink in, probably more than a day or two, but before it sank in, it was hovering about somewhere in our chests making its presence felt with every beat that our hearts took. In fact, the news was actually easier for us fans to take because of the rumours that were circling throughout the media from almost 24 hours prior to the official statement from the club.

These rumours, especially the tweets from James Pearce who works for the Liverpool Echo and our very own Jamie Carragher at least gave us a sometime to prepare for what was to come, and therefore made the truth that bit easier to digest. I only wonder what would have happened had we not seen any of the rumours or build up and just woken up to see an official announcement on the club website informing us of Gerrard’s decision. Coming back to the matter itself, I really do not have much more to add and honestly, it took me a lot of time to get started with this article and even more time to finish it.

Former Liverpool forward John Aldridge has gone on to say exactly what I felt in one of his tweets where he mentioned that this was the day that all Liverpool fans were fearing for a long, long time. I could not have said it any better myself as this was honestly a day that I always feared but something tells me that I and every other Liverpool fan would have dealt with the news much better had he finally taken a decision to hang up his boots and not left the club for another one.

Gerrard’s decision to not renew terms with the Reds has opened up a new topic on which to debate and already the war of words between people with various opinions has broken out. The primary topic of debate is of course, why our fabled number eight took this decision after spending 26 years of his life at the club.

Some parties are of the opinion that Gerrard got bored, but the most well known opinion on this matter right now is that he was forced out after the management dragged their heels in offering their main man a new deal. Exactly how much of an effect the delayed offer had on Steven Gerrard’s decision to leave is something that we shall never know, but the truth is, it does not matter anymore now that the damage has been done.

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