From Scapegoat to Skipper: Why Henderson Deserves the Utmost Respect and an Apology

Liverpool Football Club has made some real waves during the close season by making a host of major signings. With the likes of Nathaniel Clyne, Roberto Firmino and James Milner all brought into the club to bolster the squad, the Reds cannot be blamed for being lazy about their business. Their activity has not just been limited to the personnel plying their trade on the pitch, but they have also made some changes to the men who manage these superstars. Brendan Rodgers still remains as the boss but his right hand men, namely Colin Pascoe and Mike Marsh have been replaced by Sean O’Driscoll and Pepin Ljinders. With a host of changes already checked off the to do list, the Reds made one other major decision that is surely headline news in its own right.

The appointment of Jordan Henderson as the full time Captain of Liverpool Football Club is a serious piece of business that needed sorting out. It also marks the end of an era at Anfield because this is the first time that the Reds head into a new season without Steven Gerrard as the man leading the team out. The appointment of Henderson as the skipper does not come as a surprise especially because he was officially next in line for the post after having seen himself become the team’s Vice Captain just the last year. But this latest development in the life of the former Sunderland man surely has to be his greatest achievement till date.

Being appointed as the Captain of a club the size of Liverpool Football Club is a tremendous achievement in itself, but for Hendo, it is surely an even more special accomplishment. This is also where his Liverpool career comes full circle because it was exactly around this time two years ago that the hardworking Englishman was offered as part of an exchange deal to Fulham for American forward Clint Dempsey. Our number 14 has come a long, long way from being a makeweight in exchange for a forward who was beyond the zenith of his career to becoming the main man at an institution the size of Liverpool Football Club.

Henderson’s success story should definitely be recited to every single budding footballer out there because it just goes to show exactly how hard work and perseverance can pay off. Who could have imagined that the same lad who we Kopites lambasted just a couple of seasons ago would go onto become such a central figure at our club? In fact, had someone told us then that Hendo would improve in another two years, we would have believed them. But what we would not have believed was if someone told us that he would become our midfield general.

Had anyone come to us and told us that he would go onto become a leader of men at Liverpool, then we’d definitely have laughed in his face. At this point though, I personally feel that there is nothing that Jordan Henderson cannot do. I truly am sorry for giving him stick in the past, and I’m guessing quite a few of my fellow Kopites are feeling the same but then again, there’s nothing like tasting a bit of humble pie from one of your own is there?

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