FSG’s patience with Rodgers makes me wonder; do our owners really care about our club?

Liverpool Football Club finds itself in a mess. Probably the biggest mess that it has found itself in, in a very long time. The once mighty Reds are without in a win in six matches, if you count their penalty shootout win over Carlisle United as a “success”. In fact, if you were to deduct the offside goal against Bournemouth and the screamer against Stoke City, Liverpool Football Club would have been tied in 17th place along with their visitors for Saturday, Aston Villa Football Club.

Today’s modern age is all about problem solving and answering questions. But there is one question whose answer is extremely difficult to find. Why on Earth, is Brendan Rodgers still the manager of Liverpool Football Club?

As far as Rodgers is concerned, he’s still here simply because he’s too shameless to quit. Here he is unable to perform the job for which he has been hired. He’s had a long time to make this project work, but no, he still will not stop wasting the club’s time and resign. And why should he resign! Resigning from this job would bring an end to the fat paychecks that he takes home every week while also ruling out the possibility of a mammoth severance fee that the club would have had to pay had they sacked him. So, as you may see, it is in Brendan Rodgers’ personal interest to stay on at Anfield for as long as he possibly can.

But my question is how on Earth have our owners, Fenway Sports Group, not yet sacked this buffoon? How is it in FSG’s interest to have this one man take our club down the drains? Or are they putting up with Rodgers simply because they do not care about the club’s results? FSG see Liverpool Football Club as an investment. They’ve put money into the club and they expect more money back. I totally respect that point, and I know it’s impossible for the management to not care about the club’s results in a normal situation. But does that mean, we are not in a normal situation?

FSG’s inactivity and extremely commendable levels of patience have led me to conjecture that they are in fact looking to sell the club fairly soon. The only resources that I have to back up this claim of mine are the sporadic reports of a mega take over by a Middle Eastern consortium that have peppered the back pages of newspapers and tabloids. Before you close the tab and forget about this article of mine, I will admit that what I am saying is nothing less than a far-fetched conspiracy theory.

But then again, if FSG did care about the club, they’d have already sacked Rodgers. FSG have given our undeserving boss three and a half years, 292m pounds and absolute trust, and all he’s given us back is failure. Better managers than Brendan Rodgers have been sacked for much less, but here is our man swaggering about bulletproof, and Robbie Fowler only knows why.

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