Individual errors have already cost Liverpool a lot this season and it’s about time they came to a stop

Football, like any other team sport is not based on the performance of an individual or even a couple of them. For a team to be successful in football, you need all the eleven players on the pitch and the seven waiting on the substitutes bench to contribute collectively towards a common goal.

Not very often do we see one single player carrying a whole team to a winners medal, and it works the same the other way round as well, because it is not possible for one player to get a club relegated.  In the short run however, individual performances are definitely a big part of winning a game, and it is often down to the good displays put in by a player that a team wins a game.  The same cannot be said however on the flipside as it is not possible for a poor display from a player to be the sole reason behind a defeat.

Individual performances are undoubtedly a big part of attaining success on the football pitch, and that has been one area in which Liverpool are not enjoying a very good spell.

The Reds are lacking that one player who can put in a standout performance more regularly than the rest and help swing a match in their favour. This ugly truth is even harder for us Kopites to digest especially after last season where we had at least three such players doing the job for us every game. When it rains, it pours goes the old adage, and just as we are lacking commanding individuals to put in big performances, we seem to have an abundance of players whose moments of madness are dealing heavy blows to our chances of getting results from games.

Too often this season have our players gone on to do something stupid during matches and all we can do is wonder how we would have been faring now had those incidents been avoided. The latest incident of this fashion came in our 2-2 home draw against Arsenal where Fabio Borini saw himself receive two yellow cards after being introduced as a substitute in the 74th minute. Both the yellows, as you will already know were for extremely stupid decisions that the forward took in the heat of the moment, and it is really sad to see a professional not being able to divert his energy and frustration into more productive things.

Lazar Markovic is another man who can be accused of making a similar mistake. The Serbian received a straight red for lashing out at Basel defender Behrang Safari during the Reds all important last Champions League group game. The red card was the cause for a lot of controversy later as the football world remained undecided as to whether it was the correct decision, but what I want to say is that Markovic had no reason to raise his hand that high in the direction opposite to which he was going.

These two fairly recent incidents are not the only examples that I have in mind. Simon Mignolet’s error against Ludogorets in Bulgaria led to Dani Abalo’s goal, Alberto Moreno’s mistake against Newcastle United allowed Ayoze Perez to score the winner in the 75th minute. Dejan Lovren’s hilarious clearance straight into the path of Juan Mata allowed United to get their third on the night from Robin Van Persie.

The list is almost endless it seems but it is about time that it came to a conclusion, at least for the sake of the millions of Liverpool fans around the world who are only hoping for an upturn in their favourite team’s fortunes.

Honestly though, it will not be fair to put the blame for these defeats or draws on the mistakes made by the players that I have mentioned above, there is no denying the fact that the whole Liverpool team, as a collective unit are playing badly this season, but what has to be accepted is that we would have been in better positions in these matches had these mistakes not occurred, and it is about time that they did stop occurring.

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