It’s My Ticket and I’ll Leave If I Want To…

So, Jurgen Klopp was surprised that people didn’t stay till the end of the match? Not sure that’s for him to say…

Following our defeat at the hands of Crystal “bloody” Palace once again (can’t wait till their bubble bursts and they go down so they can stop punishing us!!) Jurgen Klopp had some choice words to say about the crowd and whether they should have stayed and supported team until the 93rd minute and beyond.

You can tell he’s not been here long.

We’ve had a couple of years now where the team have under-performed and if we go a goal down towards the end of a match it just seems highly unlikely that we’ll get back into it!

Does it go deeper than this though? Football these days is just an entertainments business. The days of being able to pay on the gate after a few beers, swaying with your mates as you have a sing-song on the terraces and enjoying swashbuckling performances on the pitch has been replaced. Replaced by all-seater stands that cost £40 a pop in a stale atmosphere as you watch the polished product invented by Sky in 1992 surrounded by different people every week.

You go to any of the ‘big’ Premier League clubs for their home games and it’s much the same. The Mancs, Chelsea, Arsenal – all of those grounds are like morgues unless they are doing well. If they’re not then it’s quiet and pretty unpleasant according to fans of those clubs that I know. Even the famed ‘bear pit’ of an atmosphere from the club over the road is silent for 99% of the time.

People around me change every other week as people sell their tickets on to cash in on the popularity of Premier League football. I don’t agree with it, but it’s their choice. Thing is it creates a poor atmosphere as we all sit there hoping something good happens.

And if that doesn’t happen and we want to get off home to catch the bus and not have to queue for hours on a Sunday night who is going to blame us? Klopp it appears. Even though most of those people heading off have long journeys or are season ticket holders that don’t actually have to sit tight. Also, fans were not leaving after 82 minutes from where I was sat. In injury time yes, but not many earlier than that. And that’s normal everywhere.

I’m sure that Jurgen will do well with us, and I’m confident we’ll even win the league in the next few years, or at least come close. League games against teams other than United, Everton or similar will always be difficult to get over-excited about as we expect to beat them. European nights will be raucous but nothing compared to the big Champions League games we crave.

He needs to recognise quickly though that English football is largely not like German football. £8 entry tickets, fans with huge banners and flares creating exciting environments. Ignoring the fact that we’ll never have cheap tickets for our games we may at some point create a new cauldron for him but we need to be entertained first.

That’s not to say that the crowd won’t play a huge part in getting us into the Champions League this season but we need some passion and success on the pitch to get everyone excited these days. That’s what he should perhaps be worried about first and foremost.

Oh, and for the record I always stay till the end. And get stuck in traffic. Damnit.



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