Liverpool fans can’t breathe easy until Sterling has signed a new deal – we simply cannot afford to lose him!

The 2014-2015 season was nowhere near where Liverpool fans would have liked it to be. Seventh place in the Premier League table, out of the Champions League and out of the Capital One Cup make it a season to forget for the Reds and there are hardly any positives to be taken from this campaign, except one. The one positive that I am referring to is the fantastic form of arguably our most valuable player, and the player of whom I am talking about is quite obviously, Raheem Sterling.

The 20 year old has reached an incredible level this season, and what he has achieved on the pitch is even more praiseworthy because he did not have the likes of Luis Suarez, who has departed the club, and Daniel Sturridge, who was out for 90% of the games we played this season, next to him. Sterling has almost been ever present for us after making 35 appearances in all competitions over the season. In the process, the winger has scored nine goals and notched up no less than six assists, making him our most lethal player.

These statistics are mindblowing for any player, but to pull this off when you’re just 20 years old is just magical. Also, as we all have realized, this kind of form at this age is usually what gets Europe’s top clubs lining up in front of you waving around various temptations all in return for your signature. Raheem Sterling is still a Liverpool player, but what the club need to ensure is that he ¬†stays at Anfield for as long as possible. We are extremely lucky to have a player of his calibre at our club, and we need to make sure that one of the continents big guns don’t come and swoop him away.

The youngster has a little more than two years remaining on his current deal with the Reds, but it is about time that he was signed to a new one with a longer time span and of course, better pay. Liverpool, like any other sane entity, want their most valuable asset for themselves for a longer time, but the problem right now is the player himself.

A contract has been offered to Sterling, but he is yet to sign it, leading us to think that he could in fact be wanting out. Brendan Rodgers has come forward and sent a suggestion to the players advisors stating that the deal he is being offered is more than acceptable, but as of today, that suggestion has fallen on deaf ears.

Rodgers has claimed that Sterling is more than happy at Anfield and that he does not want to be anywhere else, and while we are happy to take our Gaffer’s word on the matter, the only way in which we can truly be sure that Raheem does¬† in fact think so is when he has put pen to paper and signed on the dotted line, and if you’re a Liverpool fan, you’ll surely be hoping that that happens sooner, rather than later.

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