Liverpool heading back to the Klopp as Jurgen finally manages to Klopp the rot!

It’s been a while since I was able to post an article on this blog…

… and while I may have missed out on the chance of being able to share my opinion on quite a few important topics pertaining to Liverpool, an unexpected advantage has come out of it. That advantage, is of course, contrast. The last time I wrote for this site, Brendan Rodgers was still the manager of Liverpool Football Club and I was enjoying fantastic success as my ant-Rodgers articles were being very well received by my fellow fans.

Now though, the Rodgers era seems like a nightmare that everyone is very keen to forget because finally, reality is better than our dreams. Jurgen Klopp has come in and taken charge of our fantastic football club and after his first three games ended in draws, he’s managed to pull off back-to-back wins.

As Klopp won his first League game in charge of the Reds, Liverpool managed to emerge victorious from Stamford Bridge for the first time since 2011. The day shall always go down in the history books as the day Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool tenure well and truly got underway. His first game was a commendable draw at White Hart Lane. His second was another very mediocre draw at Anfield in the Europa League against Rubin Kazan. His first League game at Anfield could have been something special had the Saints not bagged a late equaliser. His first win as Liverpool boss however, ┬ácame in the League Cup against Bournemouth.

This is why, I feel that this Chelsea game is a big landmark in the life and times of Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool Football Club because this was truly his first, big win. In fact, this was Liverpool’s first big win in a long time. I’d have looked up the internet to figure out the last time our club actually managed to beat one of the top four sides but I’m really pressed to meet my deadlines and I do not have so much time to delve into history books.

While the day is memorable for us because we beat Chelsea at the Bridge, there is another reason to remember it even more. The manner in which we beat them is truly remarkable. We went to the Bridge and outplayed them at their own backyard. Yes, Chelsea look really susceptible at the moment but don’t let any of your mates convince you that this win was any less an achievement because the Blues are feeling blue.

Beating Chelsea at any stadium and at in any competition is an achievement. They are a big team with some really big players and we ran them over from start to finish. The unfortunate goal that we conceded was the only blemish on our performance but the three goals that we plundered were marvellous to watch. Liverpool Football Club have made some real progress over the last three weeks or so and things are finally looking good now that we’re under a better manager.

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