Liverpool Mustn’t Lose Sakho As Rumours About His Departure Gather Pace

Liverpool have once again made wholesale changes to their squad over the course of the summer and only time will tell how much of an impact they can have on the club’s performances. Bringing in new stars is a very important part of taking any club forward, but what’s even more important is holding onto current personnel. In today’s competitive world, it’s very difficult for a team to hold on to any player who has been playing well and grabbing the headlines.

Just like in the food chain, it is assured that a bigger club will come hunting for a player whose been doing well. While this was not a worry for us some years ago, losing our best players to bigger clubs is a serious concern for us now, which is why I am happy to see that the club are making a move to tie Mamadou Sakho down for a longer period of time.

I was super excited when the France international signed for us a couple of years ago, and till this day, I rate him very highly. He joined our squad when we were in need of some top quality at the back, and I can proudly say that we got a man who belongs to the highest order. Exactly why Paris Saint Germain allowed him to leave is still a mystery to me as I think that this guy could walk into some of the best football teams on the planet. In my opinions, his performances at Liverpool have been assured and steady although I’m sure that not too many of my fellow Reds would agree with that.

Initially, the biggest concern I had about him was his confidence on the ball, but it took me a while to realize that the Frenchman has a rather jittery nature about his game, which has nothing to do with his performances. His passing is accurate, his aerial ability is proven and he has that physical appeal which you need from a centre back. Overall, I would easily rate him to be the second best centre back at our club.

If Dejan Lovren, the nervous wreck that he is, could command a fee of 20 million pounds, then 18 million for an established French international has to be a steal. Rumours about Sakho leaving were strife for a long while and it was worrying to see him being so strongly linked with a move away from us to teams such as Roma or Bayer Leverkusen. That is why I’m so overjoyed to see that Liverpool have finally taken up an initiative to tie our number 17 down for longer than his current contract.

This move was desperately needed because the player is not currently in the Reds starting XI and some statement of intent was needed to show him that he is still regarded as an important member of our squad.  Sakho though is thought to be still interested in staying on at Liverpool and there should be no reason for him to refuse this new deal, so we can hope that there will not be a case of him making his way out of the club any time soon.

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