Liverpool need one massive summer to cast away memories of past failures

The transfer window has only just opened up and the media frenzy surrounding Liverpool and its potential activities has already reached fever pitch. A poor season, a manager under immense pressure and disgruntled fans make for a club in turmoil and a lot is riding upon this transfer window. If they get it right, then the Reds can make last season seem like a bad dream. If they get it wrong, then the fans would be hoping that whatever their living through is a dream in itself.

This summer is yet to even get underway and already we can see that exits are, and possibly will continue to be the biggest talking points at our club. The exit of Steven Gerrard has to be the biggest one of the lot, quite obviously it will be the one that will cause us fans the most heartache. The highly possible exit of Raheem Sterling is another big talking point and once again it is one that has left a sour taste in the mouth.

The young talisman is a big talent and one that we should still hope to keep, but his unwillingness to sign on any further with our club has caused him to lose out on the backing of the fans who would rather see him leave. The third and probably the most important exit of  all has got to be the exit of Rodgers himself. That, once again is another probable event and there is no use in pondering over this matter when it is evident that our owners would in fact like him to stay on.

What I would rather talk about is how our club should make an attempt to cast away all of this negativity around Anfield by making some bold decisions. As I mentioned earlier in this article, exits are the biggest talking points at our club and it is down to the management to ensure that they do no continue to be so.

The shambolic events of the last season and the pitiful memory of the last two transfer windows have driven the fans to breaking point and it is time that the club made an effort to fix the wagon and appease the supporters while they’re at it. A couple of world class additions are very much necessary for not just boosting the fans morale but for also taking the club forward on the pitch. Too much money has been wasted on players who have not been able to pull the weight of their price tags.

As Steven Gerrard said himself before leaving the club, the time has come for the club to invest not in players who can bloom in the future, but in players who can add quality to the club straight away. It’s high time we spent 20 million pounds on established professionals and not on youngsters who may succeed in the future because the club is going down the drain today and there will be nothing we can do about it a couple of years down the line.

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