Reds Management To Blame For Gerrard’s Departure And Here’s The Proof

Steven Gerrard may have quit Liverpool Football Club but his existence is still tormenting us fans. It’s really hard for us Kopites to even imagine him playing for another team. But there he is, just across the pond giving blood and sweat for LA Galaxy. As I said, seeing him still carrying on playing, but for another team is really sad for us fans. It’s pretty disturbing actually.

Until recently, his existence has also turned out to be a cause for torment for the Liverpool management as well. This “management” that I speak of, obviously includes Brendan Rodgers and Ian Ayre, but possibly does not include Tom Werner and John Henry. Effectively, I am trying to count all those men who actually forced our life blood out of the club.

As I said, I don’t feel our owners made any decision regarding this because I am pretty certain that all the decision making regarding this business was done by a different set of individuals. Whoever these individuals maybe, I hope they are reading this piece of mine today, because I hold them responsible for one of the greatest crimes in the history of Liverpool Football Club.

Ages ago, I wrote on an article on one of my blogs saying that Steven Gerrard would have stayed back at our club had an offer been put forward at the right time. Our decision makers waited endlessly before finally offering him a deal around December, last year. By then, Gerrard only had 8 months remaining on his deal with the Reds and was just one month away from being free to be approached by other clubs for a Bosman deal.

That little presumption of mine was correct, there’s no doubt about that. But what is even worse here is the fact that Gerrard has actually gone on to point out another area that we failed to notice. He has pointed out another reason why he chose to leave Liverpool after his contract with them ran down. While speaking in an interview about his latest autobiography, Steven Gerrard has mentioned that a player-coach role would have definitely kept him at the club.

“In a perfect scenario, Liverpool could have offered me a one-year deal which included the chance to make a transition to the first-team staff. A year with Brendan and his staff would have been an invaluable experience” says Steven Gerrard in his explosive new book, “Steven Gerrard: My Story”. He has also gone on to say that, “the club’s offer suggested ‘it feels like it’s time. Enjoy your last six months with us and then start afresh somewhere else’ “.

So, after these admissions from the man himself, there is of course not a single shred of doubt that remains. Steven Gerrard was forced out of Liverpool Football Club.

Some people may agree with this fact before telling me that all this happened unwillingly, but from what I know, very rarely do things at the top level ever happen unwillingly. Nothing happens by chance and from what I make of it, I think this was a brilliant plan that our evil decision makers actually managed to pull of flawlessly. I mean, look at it this way. They didn’t force the player out, rather it was Gerrard himself who left the club. I hope all of you have gotten my hint.

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