Liverpool’s Young Guns

Liverpool supporters have had to put up with an abundance of mediocrity since the glory days, with only a smidgeon of brightness thrown in since the 90s. So now is the time to enjoy Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool as they are truly a pleasure to watch so far this season, blowing teams away with a mesmerising blend of fast-paced attacking football, perfectly-drilled pressing and general intensity both on and off the ball.

Only Man City can claim to be as entertaining at present, and while some will be quick to write Liverpool off because of an apparently unreliable nature, the fact that the bookies have us as second-favourites in Premier League betting markets speaks volumes for what Klopp has managed to do in a year.

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A Year In

It is Remarkably still less than 12 months since Klopp took charge of Liverpool, but he has already made giant strides and his impact on the team is clear for all to see. Despite a lack of time on the training ground, injuries to key men and having to field players he possibly didn’t want at the club, Klopp still managed to lead the Reds to two cup finals last season.

This year, having had a full pre-season to work with his players and bring in who he wants to augment his squad, we are now seeing a new Liverpool tear other teams apart. Klopp’s style of football is impossible not to appreciate, and for the first time in a long time, Liverpool FC are both dreaded and envied in equal measure.

The most sensational thing about all of this is that this is still early days in Klopp’s occupancy of the top job.

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Young Guns

One reason for Liverpool fans to feel so exhilarated and for rivals to feel terrified is the age of this current Reds squad. Everywhere you look in Liverpool’s roster, there are players still years from their prime, and if they all seem to be committed to staying with Klopp and Liverpool.

Of the current squad, there is a strong argument to say that Lucas Leiva is the only player genuinely past his best, although James Milner and possibly Daniel Sturridge could also fall into that category.

With youngsters such as Joe Gomez and Sheyi Ojo amongst others, on the fringe of the first team, it’s impossible not to feel encouraged about what Liverpool could be capable of in the years to come.

What makes this very interesting for The Reds is that we are the second-youngest squad in the Premier League and currently looking to battle with the league’s oldest squad, Manchester City. With European commitments, it will be interesting to see if Pep Guardiola’s team will start to feel their age as the games come thick and fast over the course of a season.

Tottenham, who just eased past Man City, are the only squad younger than Liverpool, and it is no coincidence that Mauricio Pochettino has similar footballing tactics and principles to Klopp. Both managers envisage their teams covering record-breaking amounts of ground, as well as playing a fluid and sophisticated passing game.

They each seemingly enjoy coaching players that are willing to learn and are hungry for success and fit enough to run themselves into the ground. It’s captivating football all round and as far as Liverpool are concerned, it just might take us to the title.

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