LvG’s attempts at mind games ahead of derby show signs of a man surviving by the skin of his teeth

When Liverpool beat United at Old Trafford by four goals to one in the 2008-2009 season, Rafa Benitez and Fernando Torres, along with Andrea Dossena and Fabio Aurelio, were instantly raised on to an untouchable pedestal that no one could budge them off.

Rafa and Torres were already very dear to us by the time that fateful day at Old Trafford came along, but their parts in the 4-1 thrashing of United at Old Trafford earned them a special place in the hearts of all Liverpool fans.

Andrea Dossena and Fabio Aurelio though are two names that not too many people in England will remember. Even amongst Liverpool fans, I’m sure that quite a few people will have forgotten the Italian left back we signed from Udinese in 2008, but ask them about the fourth goal during that thrashing at Old Trafford, and their faces will light up with a smile as they warmly congratulate the man who put the cherry on the cake for us that day.

Liverpool versus Manchester United, like any other derby match, has the ability to make kings out of commoners. So many of our, as well as United’s heroes were fast-tracked on to the path of greatness thanks to a fantastic performance in this match up. Similarly, a mistake during this game, has the potential to ostracize any poor bloke and put him in the brink of extermination. Liverpool versus Manchester United is a massive game and the implications of it are huge, and the pressure on the players and managers is terrifying. But for Louis Van Gaal though, this game could well be a nightmare.

The importance of this game has not been lost on the Dutchman and he has realized that he’s heading into the tie under massive pressure. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Van Gaal got the ball rolling a whole two days before the actual game by firing a pot shot at Liverpool.

Speaking about League droughts, Van Gaal said, “When it is happening to Liverpool it can also happen to Manchester United but I cannot imagine that because we are going the right way, but maybe it shall take a longer time. But I cannot imagine it will be the same for Manchester United. It’s too big, too well organised and we have an infrastructure and we are improving that every year.”

That’s really big a statement coming from the guy whose may very well be taking United down with him. All I’d like to say to Mr. Van Gaal right now is that he’s not fooling anyone. It’s there for all to see that the reaction that he’s given in this interview is the sign of a person fighting for survival with his back against the wall. I actually feel sorry for LvG right now because I’ve never seen a manager under so much pressure.

It’s only a miracle how he’s still in a job, but hey, we’re really enjoying the farce that he’s putting up right now! The way he’s been reacting recently and the manner in which he’s been attacking the media is hilarious to be honest and the added bonus of seeing Manchester United go down is a treat! Good job Secret Agent LvG!

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