Main man Klopp keeps it tight as blossoming bromance with his players continue to thrive

Being a boss at a workplace is a very tough job.

There are loads of responsibilities that you need to fulfil and none more important than the responsibilities towards your peers and especially those working under you. In his short time here at Liverpool Football Club, Jurgen Klopp has exhibited some fantastic qualities as a leader of men.

The blossoming bromance that he has developed with our boys is the stuff of dreams if you ask me. Being a boss is difficult ’cause you need to know exactly when someone needs a kick on the buttock and when he needs an arm around the shoulder.

One may be led to believe that Klopp is the kind of guy who always offers an arm around the shoulder, but that could not be farther from the truth. Reports from Liverpool have suggested that our new boss has already begun wielding the hairdryer, excuse me for using that word here, on some of our players.

Divock Origi is supposedly that player and the event that I am referring to took place after our game against Bournemouth. Apparently, Origi was left out of our squad to face Chelsea because Klopp believed that the young forward would do better by staying back at Melwood and honing his skills. To be honest, I absolutely agree here as I truly believe that Origi was miserable in the opportunities that he got thanks to Daniel Sturridge, Danny Ings and Christian Benteke all being injured.

While we’ve seen that harsh side of Klopp, there is of course, a much warmer side to the man, and honestly, that’s the side that does not need any more media coverage. By now, everyone in the world of football knows how tight that geezer Klopp is with his peeps at Liverpool. I mean, just take a look at what happens when a Liverpool match draws to close. The football pitch resembles a New Orleans ghetto where the main man Klopp is swaggering around chest bumping some of his tightest bros and thanking them for making sure that affairs in the hood are going all smooth.

Every single player gets a complimentary hug and don’t they love it! Some of the players who have benefited most from Klopp’s methods are Alberto Moreno, Jordon Ibe, Emre Can and Divock Origi, who was given a run of games to prove himself. Our manager though is a lot about emotion and this can be seen by seeing his actions during a game. While some of the best managers in the business would celebrate an important goal with the slightest tweak of his cheeks, Klopp breaks out into raptures as he sprints in joy while jumping like a young gazelle.

All these things, these little nuances about our new manager give us fans a lot of faith and a lot of belief going forward. It’s great to see someone so enigmatic at the helm of our beloved club simply because it’s so reassuring, and after the kind of torture that we had to endure recently, reassurance is exactly what we need.

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