Mediocre Performance Shows Inconsistent Reds Still Have Much To Prove

I had written in one of my articles for this website that leagues are like marathons while cup tournaments are like sprints.

To win a league, a team needs to maintain good progress all through the course of the season. Doing well in sporadic periods is of absolutely no use, and this statement can be best justified by Liverpool Football Club.

Since the era of Brendan Rodgers, Liverpool have been a team that have produced some fine displays of football in some extremely memorable ties. ¬†But, when they’re not blowing teams apart, you’ll usually find the Reds getting beaten or sneaking a draw against Stoke and Crystal Palace. If there’s anything that needs changing at Liverpool, it’s consistency.

Our consistency has always been in question and even with a man as majestic as Jurgen Klopp at our helm, our team has shown a brazen lack of consistency that is truly infuriating at times. Four outstanding performances in a row against Stoke, Dortmund, Bournemouth and Everton raised expectations to a peak before shameful displays against Newcastle and Swansea managed to undo all the hard work that we put in just weeks ago.

Reflecting on our 1-1 home draw against Chelsea, the first impression that I got was that the result was a fair one. In my humble opinion, Chelsea were marginally the better side on the night but Liverpool did not deserve to lose the tie. Performance wise though, there are too many qualms that I have against my beloved Reds.

The stats will say that we had 28 shots on the Chelsea goal with nine of them hitting the target, but how many of these efforts were real chances? Benteke’s goal was one and so was Daniel Sturridge’s second -half strike that Begovic did very well to deny. Philippe Coutinho’s blocked attempt during the opening exchanges of the match was another proper chance while Kolo Toure failed to connect well with an unmarked header that came from a corner.

The first problem that I have is that we did not really have too many chances on goal. But then again, four clear cut chances to score in one match should be enough right? So then, was our chance conversion to blame for another two points dropped? The answer is not clear cut, but then again, what I know is that Liverpool are capable of far better. What makes me say that you ask? Why our supreme displays of football against the likes of Southampton, Manchester United, Borussia Dortmund, Villareal and Everton are just few reminders of what my team is truly capable of.

But for every Villareal, for every Dortmund  and for every Everton, we have a Southampton, a Newcastle and a Crystal Palace. Which is why true progress, in our case, should be when we can put together a sustained string of results with more Dortmunds and less Southamptons.

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