Poor string of results isn’t the end of the world as Klopp still needs time to work his magic

Liverpool Football Club’s bubble finally seems to have burst.

Since taking over from Brendan Rodgers, Jurgen Klopp seemed to have turned things around in double quick time. But all that proved too good to be true and we are now back to being pathetic. That’s exactly what our rivals are thinking right now, but being a Liverpool fan, what you need to do, is make sure that you don’t fall into their trap.

All good things in life take time, and so will Jurgen Klopp. The simple fact that we drew our first three games under him did not mean that we didn’t progress. The simple fact that we went on a splendid run of form since his fourth game in charge did not mean that all our problems were sorted. Similarly, us being winless in our last three games does not mean that we’re back to square one.

Liverpool, have turned a corner, but their old problems are still hanging around to haunt them. Yes, we did miss out on two fantastic opportunities to break into a Champions League spot. Had we not lost at Newcastle and drawn against West Brom, we’d have been sitting level on points with United who occupy the fourth place. Things are never that easy, and especially in the Barclays Premier League. But this time around though, things just got ten times tougher. The current generation of football fans should count themselves lucky because they are being able to witness a Premier League season where a newly promoted side leads the table.

They should also count themselves lucky because they are seeing the reigning champions of the Premier League languish just one point above safety. They should count themselves lucky because teams like Crystal Palace, West Ham and newly promoted Watford are just as close to the Champions League places as Liverpool and Tottenham. And all this is happening just nine days from Christmas, after 16 rounds of fixtures have already been played. The Premier League this season has been a delight simply because anyone can beat anyone. Things are so tight, that a couple of poor results can see you slip down quite a few places while a couple of good ones can see you rise up.

This, my fellow Kopites, is exactly what I want you to understand. There is absolutely no need to get disheartened by the poor results of the past couple of weeks. We know that we are in the right hands and we also know that we haven’t been in our present manager’s care for too long. The new boss needs times to make a permanent and lasting impact and we cannot really expect any manager to turn things around as quickly as he did.

Even then, I’d say that he’s done marvellously well in his short time here and while our last few performances have fallen short of those standards, I know that there is nothing to worry about. While we have lost ground recently, we can take heart and hope for the best knowing that positive results over the coming festive period will do us wonders, especially with the way the Premier League is working out this year.

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