Raheem Sterling’s future is still up in the air, so can we really expect him to stay at Anfield for too long?

Liverpool Football Club have been lucky enough to have had a number of young talents making their way through their youth system over the last few years. While numerous players have made their way from the Academy to the first team, a sporadic run of games is all they’ve been limited to. Very few of these individuals have actually gone onto make a spot on the starting XI their own, such as Raheem Sterling. By this time, I am sure that most of you who are reading this article will have understood where exactly I am headed.

If reports from England are to be believed, then Sterling is said to have shelved all talks about a new contract till the end of the season. This latest development comes after a long stretch during which there was absolutely no news regarding the situation. The last anyone heard of the matter was from Brendan Rodgers who said that he was confident that a resolution to the conundrum was “imminent”.

That trail however, has gone cold since then and the latest news regarding it came to the fore only yesterday. Sterling has said that he would like to concentrate on the Reds’ Premier League and FA Cup campaigns in order to make sure that they finish as high up the table as possible and end the season with some silverware. That is indeed a very fine motive to have in mind but the truth is that only he knows whether or not that is true.

Already a number of Europe’s big guns have entered the race for the youngster’s signature using the long standing impasse between player and club as a cue to initiate proceedings to sign the player, and why wouldn’t they? As I said, Sterling’s motive behind stalling the new deal may indeed be very good, but what it appears to the rest of the world is something totally different. Quite obviously, what most people are thinking is that he is stalling on the deal simply because he wants out.

The Englishman is currently on a lowly £35,000 a week and while the deal offered to him is almost thrice that sum at £100,000, reports are going around that the player is not satisfied with it. Although there is no immediate need for Sterling to sign a new contract as he still has more than two years remaining on his present deal, a new and improved contract would ensure that he is with us for some time longer. But that is not the only thing that will increase. A new contract would ensure that we get the highest price possible for the player if he was to move even after signing the new deal, which should not be too big of a shock.

The Luis Suarez saga gives us plenty of reason to believe that. Coming back to the matter at hand, the future regarding our young forward doesn’t look to be too promising and since there is nothing we can do about it, we better hope that he does put pen to paper, but even then with the kind of form he is in, can we really keep him at Anfield much longer?

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