Reds saviour Klopp has players believing in themselves again as Moreno, Lovren and Origi hit top form

Liverpool Football Club reached the Semi-Final of the Capital One Cup yet again to give themselves a chance to win yet another League Cup.

The result that we managed against Southampton at St. Mary’s was absolutely massive. But the manner in which they achieved this result is what truly caught the eye. To score six goals at the St. Mary’s is no mean feat and the entire footballing community has recognized that.

But rather than going into details about what happened during the game, I’d like to speak about some of the vast improvements that have taken place at our football club. Jurgen Klopp has not only made the fans happy, but the players too seem to be thriving under him.

The entire Liverpool team looks fantastically rejuvenated under our new boss, but to be more specific, you need to take a look at Dejan Lovren, Alberto Moreno and Divock Origi to see exactly how much of an impact he has already had on the boys.

Each and every single of these players had a very tough time at Anfield under the previous regime. Dejan Lovren was a joke, Alberto Moreno could barely justify his selection in the first team while Divock Origi was simply absent. But now, you see all of these lads and think that each one of them could almost walk in to quite a few teams in Premier League.

Alberto Moreno’s performances have improved so much that Real Madrid are being reported to have an interest in signing him. In fact, the only mistake that he’s made ever since the arrival of Klopp would have to be the goal that Ramires scored in the opening minutes of our victory against Chelsea. Other than that isolated incident, I can barely remember him putting a foot wrong.

Dejan Lovren is another case study that I can use as an example. Trust me when I say this, but I never would have thought that Lovren could actually come good. I was devastated to hear the Mamadou Sakho was going to be out for a long while but Lovren has done so well that we’ve barely missed the Frenchman!

Divock Origi is yet another success story even though his case is different from the other two for one big reason. While Moreno and Lovren have been doing well for quite a few games, Origi has only impressed in one. While he still needs to prove himself over a run of matches, I would say that the young forward has done a lot in one game than he did in 10 others. Yes, he has not done enough to banish his critics already, but he has begun the process to do so in the best way you possibly can.

Liverpool Football Club is already headed in the right direction and it’s simply because it’s players are also headed in the right direction. Jurgen Klopp is the man we must thank for all this and I’m sure he has no idea what a lift he’s managed to give us fans.

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