Reds’ shock FA Cup exit is the lowest point in an absolutely disgraceful season

When the season began back in August last year, what we fans expected from the Reds was some form of continuation to the glamour and swagger that we showed last season. Quite obviously, what everyone expected from the Reds, or would have liked to see from us, was a much coveted Premier League conquest that would take last season’s accomplishment one step ahead. If that was too much to expect, then the least we fans would have liked to see from our beloved team was a strong title challenge. The very least that we would expect from Brendan Rodgers’ boys was a top four finish that would ensure that we qualified for the Champions League for the second season in a row. Standing at the end of April, what we fans have seen from Liverpool this season is nowhere close to the things that I’ve just mentioned above.

The Premier League was out of our hands even before September could kick in. The Champions League was a thing of the past by the time December arrived. The Capital One Cup offered us a lot of hope, but ultimately led to nothing as we were dumped out if it towards the end of January. Our UEFA Europa League campaign ended before it even began. The only two things that offered our season some form of hope was our continued pursuit of a top four finish and the F.A. Cup.

The former had to be chucked out the window after two consecutive big game losses at the hands of our rivals, the latter on the other hand offered us so much hope that we actually thought we could win it. Thoughts, how funny they are. What I aim to achieve through this article is to try and gauge the scale of disappointment that we Liverpool fans have had to endure this season. And no matter what our critics may say about our club, the truth is that the fans, my fellow Kopites, deserved so much more than what they got from our Semi-Final loss at the hands of Aston Villa.

The 2-1 defeat that we had to endure yesterday was totally unacceptable on numerous levels. Not only did we lose to a weaker team, but we also blew the one last chance we had of giving this season some sort of significance. There is no way that Brendan Rodgers can get away with what happened at Wembley, and on a larger scale, there is no way that he should be allowed to get away with what happened at Liverpool throughout the entire season. The Reds are nothing more than a laughing stock right now and the person who has to bear the brunt of our most recent failure is Steven Gerrard.

Our captain is being mocked once again as the magnificent dream of him lifting the F.A. Cup on his last game for the Reds, which just happens to be on his birthday, is now in tatters. And before anyone tells me what to do and what not, I would like to take this opportunity and tell Mr. Rodgers, that this season was an absolute disgrace and he must shoulder the biggest part of the blame.


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