Sterling seems all set to leave, but the truth is that Liverpool still need him

Raheem Sterling is the name that has been on every Liverpool fans lips for quite a long time now. The young Englishman has been having a good season with the Reds where he has almost matched the goals and assists tally that he managed to rack up last season when superstars like Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge where there to assist him. For a while now, he and Philippe Coutinho were the only positives at Liverpool Football Club. Here in the world of professional sport though, it’s truly amazing how quickly things can change. The same Raheem Sterling that was the apple of every Liverpool fans eye is now number one on the hated list.

This week has brought about some major news regarding the Raheem Sterling transfer saga. With just two years left on his current deal at Anfield, the England winger has refused to sign  the new contract that has been offered to him by the Reds. Things already looked bleak for a long time now and the latest development on this matter has surely made things take an irrevocable turn. Sterling’s agent, Aidy Ward came up with an astonishing comment earlier on in the week when he said, “He is definitely not signing. He’s not signing for £700, £800, £900,000 a week. He is not signing.” This admission from Sterling’s representative led to Liverpool cancelling a meeting that was scheduled to take place between the two parties on Friday as the club have now understood that there is no point attempting to continue discussions. This latest development on the matter has lead to Sterling receiving widespread criticism from Kopites and other football fans. The vast majority of supporters have already mentioned how they would like to see the young talisman out of the club before he gets another chance to put on the Liverpool shirt.

I for one, would like to put my ego aside and hope against hope that he signs on the new deal. Yes, he and his agent are taking the club for a spin, but the truth is this. He’s the best player that we have at our club right now. Call him greedy or cocky, what you also need to admit is that this boy is talented. As things stand right now, Liverpool are not at all in a good position.

They do not have the capability to attract the world’s biggest names, so with this idea in mind, I’d like to hope that we can somehow manage to keep one of the game’s biggest stars who  luckily is already at our club. Before you start typing out hatemail aimed for me, listen to this. If our beloved Liverpool were to be anywhere close to the giants that we were even eight years ago, I would have been confident that we could have attracted another world star to replace Sterling, but with the state that we find ourselves in, it’s hard to see another player of the same level coming in, anytime soon.

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