Steven Gerrard was wrong to stamp on Herrera but this one mistake cannot have any effect on his status as a legend of the game

Sometimes in life things do not go according to plan. We all have to face some mishaps throughout our existence on this planet, but the one Steven Gerrard had to face last Sunday was totally from a different level. No one could have guessed that Gerrard’s last competitive game against Manchester United would have ended in this way. It is accepted that people have bad days at work, but what our captain had to endure was simply disastrous. Brendan Rodgers introduced our number eight at half time hoping that his presence would help the Reds get more of the ball, but what ultimately unfolded had me speechless.

All I can say right now is that I feel extremely sorry for the man who made me dream for all these years. It is so hard for me to see this gentleman form the butt of every joke. If his unfortunate slip against Chelsea last year was not enough ammunition for his haters to attack him with, then this latest incident surely has to be. I could see all the predictable jokes that were going to be flung at him and every single Liverpool fan in the Universe. Yes, I’m sure he would have wanted to make his mark on the game and I’ve also heard about him wanting to stamp his authority on the match. The question right now is how much can a man take?

X rated material is the latest banter that is being thrown at him and while I do understand banter will always be there, but the point once again is how much will he have to endure? His stamp on United’s Ander Herrera has divided public opinion and while a large majority of the footballing community have condemned him for his action, a fair share of the people have taken Gerrard’s side of the argument and put it down as a spur of the moment thing. Each and every single one of us has gone through trying moments at work when they have lost their cool and acted on instinct. So, why is it so impossible for this man, who is after all a human being, to lose his cool for a split second while he was doing his job?

Haters will hate goes the saying and no matter what fans of other clubs may say, I am going to stick alongside my captain for the foreseeable future. Simultaneously, I will not however condone his actions. I may be a Steven Gerrard fan but I definitely know the difference between right and wrong. There is no way I am suggesting that what he did was in any way acceptable. The manner in which he came to the fore and accepted his mistake and apologised to the fans and well wishers of the club is what makes him a true leader and a gentleman of the game. While Gerrard’s status as a legend is being questioned  at the moment, he is and forever shall be a legend in my books and there is no way that one mistake can make me forget all the glorious moments that he has given me.

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