“There won’t be much activity for us in January” says Rodgers, and I only wonder why

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers spoke of the what he expects from the January transfer window that opens on the 3rd day of the new year and what he had to say should probably be a reason for concern for us fans.

The statement that I made in the previous sentence is obviously my opinion and my fellow fans do not necessarily have to reciprocate the same feelings.  Coming back to the point that I am trying to make, I somehow have a strong feeling that Rodgers, should make a few more additions to the current squad over the upcoming month.

Be aware that I wrote before the sad news about our Captain leaving us at the end of the season. I’ll write more about that when I can bear to!!

For those of you who are not aware of what our Gaffer said in his interview, you have no reason to worry. The following passage is an excerpt from his interview and what I believe is the most important few lines from it. “So there won’t be much activity for us in January. We brought in a lot of players over the course of the summer that we feel can develop, and those players are now starting to adapt to the life here at Liverpool and our way of working. There won’t be a lot of transfer activity from us – if any – over the course of the January period.”

What I will agree with is that we did bring in a lot of players over the summer, I’ll also agree with the point that the Northern Irishman made about them developing. The third point that he mentioned about our new signings finally starting to settle in to life at Liverpool is also not further from the truth. Monday night was proof enough to suggest that as we saw probably one of the best Liverpool performances of the present season. Adam Lallana had his best game in a Red shirt, Alberto Moreno looked sharp and grabbed a goal as well and Lazar Markovic is finally beginning to find his feet at Anfield.

The point that I do not agree with is quite obviously the last sentence of the excerpt. Having three out of a total of nine summer signings finally starting to settle in after almost four months at the club is not what we can call an entirely desirable situation to be in. Our squad still has many holes that need to be filled in and in fact, these holes needed filling in when the season actually began back in August. Our defence still needs sorting out, and Dejan Lovren is not the answer, at least not just yet. We still need to find a forward who will shoulder the goal scoring responsibilities of the team and Mario Balotelli and Rickie Lambert once again, do not look like the options that would help us get out of this fix.

Very simply put, I think that the January transfer window should be used by the Reds to try and get their season back on track, and possibly use it to bed someone in as new Captain material. The transfer market in January is not the most ideal marketplace in the world, but what can you do when you do not have the resources at your disposal to take your team forward. Liverpool should definitely head into the window and set their sights on at least two signings, a goalkeeper and a striker, with both these players belonging to the top drawer.

Of course, there is no guarantee as to whether or not our January signings would click as well, but it’s a risk that we should take. We already have a number of recent signings warming the benches and not pulling their weight, what harm would it be to have a couple of more such showpieces in our squad. Or maybe that is the true reason why there won’t be any/much activity for Liverpool during the Winter transfer window.

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