Yay! He’s Gone! Here’s One I Wrote Earlier…

Haha! Sorry folks, wrote this yesterday before the announcement and have been celebrating since!!!

Conspiracy theories are absolutely fantastic as they usually provide a large number of people with free entertainment while another large number of people earn their sustenance from them. They are hugely marketable even when they don’t even exist. Today, conspiracy theories about conspiracy theories are being raised from nowhere. Brendan Rodgers, Liverpool Football Club’s manager, who is tasked with bringing success to the once majestic Reds, has turned out to be a person who indulges in the occasional conspiracy theory.

While everyone was talking about how Liverpool finally managed a win, that came in the form of a narrow victory over Aston Villa, the eagle-eyed observer would have found a bigger talking point in the events that occurred immediately after the game, rather than the ones that occurred during it. Each and every single football fan who has even a little knowledge of the game would have read Rodgers’ post match comments and looked away with a frown. If you’re unaware of what comments I’m talking about, then the next small paragraph is for you.

“I think it’s pretty clear. If you look, sometimes we haven’t lost games or we have lost games and not performed well, but I think the hysteria around it is pretty clear that there’s maybe something else going on from behind”.

Personally, I feel that it’s appalling that Rodgers could even pluck up the guts to say this. Liverpool went on a terrible run during which the only two wins that they could notch up were a penalty shootout victory over League Two side Carlisle United and narrow win over relegation battlers Aston Villa. Of course there is hysteria around him and the club! He is single handedly taking the club backwards and he expects us to sit back and watch him do that?

“But certainly from my perspective I look at it in all competitions we’ve lost less games than Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal. And we’ve lost two games which is equivalent to Manchester United and Tottenham but obviously the hysteria around ourselves is interesting to note”

The only thing that is interesting to note is how audacious and adamant Brendan Rodgers is. He is proving to the world that he was in fact Jose Mourinho’s understudy. While he should have been proving this by bringing in trophies like his Portuguese mentor, he is proving it by acting like an egoistic maniac. I wanted Rodgers out of Anfield because of the poor results that our team was stringing together, now though I, want him out so that his massive ego and unfounded sense of self worth get cut down to size.

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